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Traveling to or from Lofoten this summer? Here are the updated tips for the Lofoten ferries!

There are three major gateways to and from Lofoten by ferry:

The ferry route between Bodø-Moskenes/Bodø-Værøy-Røst-Moskenes is the one furthest out to sea. The route is operated by modern gas-powered ferries and during the summer season by one additional conventional ferry. You can either travel directly between Bodø and Moskenes, or take the opprtunity to visit Værøy and Røst, two small islands south of Lofoten. Make a pit stop and continue your journey with the evening ferry, which runs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The capacity on the route is good, but we still recommend you make a reservation, either on the web or by phone. Book online: until 9pm, the day before or by phone: +47 908 20 700 during the opening hours, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

Traffic tips, updated 17/7:

- There is generally good capacity on the route, 99% of traveles make the first departure. The morning departures at 6 am have good capacity, you then have the entire day to spend at your destination.
- If you're departing 10.15am from Bodø or 10:30am from Moskenes, it is highly recommended to make a reservation. Without a reservation, be sure to arrive well ahead of departure time.
- The afternoon departures at 3pm and 5.45pm from Bodø are ones most heavily trafficked, so a reservation is highly recommended.
- The 0045 departures has good capacity.
- All departures via Røst and Værøy have good capacity, and they are worth a visit!
- Be aware that the ferry pier at Moskenes can be crowded, so take care when arriving at the docks abd when disembarking the ferry, please follow the signs and instructions given by our staff.
- Remember to be at the docks at least 45minutes prior to departure for check in.

The ferry route between Svolvær-Skutvik/Skrova is located in the middle of vestfjorden. Since this ferry route has been nominated as the most beautiful ferry route, we highly recommend you to make a pit stop for a day or two on each place. Unfortunately the capacity is not so high on this ferry route and there are many passengers who choose this route. We highly recommend making a reservation for this ferry route! You can make a reservation up to the day before: without a reservation, be sure to be at the ferry docks well ahead of time. Remember to be at the docks at least 45 minutes prior to departure for check in.

The ferry route between Lødingen-Bognes is situated at the end of Vestfjorden. It's the route with the highest capacity and most departures. This is a fast and effcient gateway to Lofoten via Lofast, Vesterålen og Hålogaland. There is a café and a kiosk aboard.
- Most of the departures have good capacity.
- PS! No reservations on this route, except for buses!

Generally we recommend to always to make reservations on the routes between Bodø-Værøy-Røst-Moskenes and Svolvær-Skutvik. Booking online ( until 9pm the day before departure or by phone (+47 908 20 700) during opening hours, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.
Remember to be at the docks at leas 45minutes prior to departure for check in. 
Welcome aboard the Lofoten ferries!

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